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Analytics solutions built by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals!

Touchstone Analytics provides a measurable method to analyze every call your loan officers handle. The quickest and surest way to see an increase in loan volume is to improve loan officer sales skills on the phone.

Touchstone call analytics measures phone call performance and provides insights to optimize marketing campaigns, improve call handling, lead conversion, and loan officer training by analyzing each call.

"Analysis that provides same-day actionable information is the foundation of success."
Mike Meyer | Touchstone Communications, CMO

Touchstone Analytics offers an efficient, transparent, and reliable way to manage LO quality. Touchtone Analytics provides a cost-effective platform to manage and improve performance of your loan officers and marketing lead sources. Call us today for a live demo!

Our Services

Mortgage Call Analytic Services Delivering Measurable Results!

Is it a bad lead? Lack of friendliness and empathy? Product presentation or sales skills? With Touchstone Analytics, every phone call is sourced to a marketing campaign so that you know the cost of every lead, cost of every appointment, and cost of every sale.

Boost your mortgage business today. Improve lead-to-sale conversion rates using our all-encompassing call analytics services. The fastest way to grow your business is to improve sales performance on the phone. Every call is tracked and recorded. Every call is analyzed using artificial intelligence and human analysts to help companies understand the real reasons for call outcomes.

Management gets a real-time dashboard to view performance results by either individual salesperson, call source, and time-period. Each call is summarized and graded for management review. You can drill down and review an individual call.

How will this help you?

  • Marketing improves by investing more in your best-performing lead sources.
  • Your training improves because now you know exactly where your team needs improvement.
  • Your revenue grows with higher conversion rates creating higher income sales teams and a more profitable company!

Touchstone has over 10 years of Call Analytics experience and offers industry-leading solutions for the automotive and mortgage industry. Call today to put call analytics to work for your business.

How it works

Call Analytics transforming your business! Everyday your loan officer has phone conversations that makes or breaks your business. And, the crazy thing, is you don't really know what happens on those calls. It is the "zone of silence." Until now. With Touchstone Analytics, every call is analyzed so that you will know for certain why that call did or did not result in an application or a loan.

Touchstone Analytics tracks every call to lead source measuring cost per call (CPC), cost per app (CPA), and cost per funded loan (CPL). Using unique, dynamic-issued phone numbers, each lead outcome is scored by channel, loan officer (LO), and outcome. Each call is recorded and redacted for privacy information before converting it to a text file. The redacted audio files are put into a safe data repository for review and retrieval. You can rest assured all sensitive customer details are secure.

Each call is analyzed twice: first with artificial intelligence, and second by human analysts using a 25-point mortgage performance scorecard, measuring customer service, product delivery, compliance, and sales skills.

You get a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard to see a same-day performance by LO, call volume, call source, call to app ratio, and more. You can quickly drill-down to scan and make sure agents are polite, following compliance and giving the right information to customers and leads. You get to know what goes on in every call leading to fast improvements in marketing budget allocation, higher lead conversions, and lower cost per loan. And always, you have the ability to listen to any call you want with the push of a button.

Peter Drucker famously said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

We are always interested in new challenges and collaborations, so feel free to reach out to us.

Benefits of Touchstone Analytics

Analyzing caller data is no easy task. Touchstone Analytics partners with you to help in delivering exceptional customer journeys and make your loan officers excel. Our platform converges the power of AI intelligence and human analysis to help mortgage companies increase sales and convert prospects into customers through smarted campaigns.

Greater Transparency & Quality

Scrutinize Call Quality

We transcribe your calls using AI and use human expertise to analyze them. You can optimally understand your customer behavior.

Actionable Insights

Our intuitive dashboard lets you see call traffic and agent activity. Analyze data points across LO conversations and make smarter decisions about call handling best practices.

Granular visibility into your calls

Alerts are generated on the same day. You get drill-down reports to help improve service, and train staff. You’ll be able to interpret the call context to extract more value.

Retrieve Missed Opportunities

You’ll be able to recognize friction points in the customer journey. You can retrieve missed opportunities and reduce revenue loss.

Training opportunities

Quickly identify coaching opportunities and fine-tune marketing and keyword strategies. You can recognize high-performing agents and best practices.


You get accurate monitoring and high detection rate for all your calls. Conversations turn into information that is leveraged for business value.

Secure and Scalable

Our platform is designed to cater for compliance and privacy to ensure data protection and safely manage multiple accounts.

Secure Redaction

Ensured security with automatic removal of credit card and social security numbers from call audio and transcripts.

Mortgage Call Analytics Plans

At Touchstone Analytics we make everything simple – have a look at just some of our tailored plans and see what works best for you. Plans range between monitoring 500 up to 10,000 calls per month.

The key features we offer allow you to:

  • Track, record, transcribe, redact privacy information, and score each call with Human analysts that score your calls using a 25-point scoring system based on the selected plan.
  • Provide client management dashboard and reporting of call source, and call scoring for lead quality, loan officer customer service, product presentation, compliance, and sales skills.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how to get started!

About Us

Get to know us - A Call Center for Mortgage Companies!

Touchstone Communications has 1000+ agents, most dedicated to lead generation, call analytics, and the mortgage industry. Since the beginning, we have served leading mortgage companies across the U.S. providing quality, cost-effective borrowers that convert into funded loans at an attractive cost per loan.

In 2010, Touchstone entered the Call Analytics business with automotive industry leader CallRevu, which has been a huge success story. For the automotive dealership, we saw a 41% improvement in lead-to-app rates in just 2 months. We currently have over 100 agents dedicated to call analytics.

"Touchstone Communications makes our call analytics the best in the industry."
Chip King, Founder | CallRevu

Touchstone Analytics has now adapted the same successful model to the mortgage industry. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, calls are analyzed using a 25-point mortgage performance scorecard, measuring customer service, product delivery, compliance, and sales skills. Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable call centers, mortgage companies, marketing, and technology resources, bringing that expertise to your digital fingertips. We know great people when we see them!

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